About Us

Our Work

Our company’s founder Emre Aş, with his 25 years of extensive experience in the TV World, is ready to bring on innovations into the Media World. Winning many awards through his career, he and his team is ready to internationalize in the Media World.

The structure of the expert personnel and related professional business partnerships of 16×9 Film Yapım A.Ş. will continue to excel us and our partners in the fields of Cinema, Series, TV Formats and Worldwide Distribution.



In the video world, the most important process is design.
We manage this process in the best way with our experience.



We are always curious.
We search to find the best one for you.
We are curious.



The most important element for the construction is its implementation.
We work result-oriented to make it applicable to our construction services.

Amazing Ideas

We produce not to be different but to be traceable.
Amazing Ideas offers us a free design opportunity in all our work.


→ Video editing
→ Sound Design
→ Production services
→ Post production systems
→ Organization and Coordination
→ Television and Cinema format and script production
→ Video shooting services and all things…